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"Africa’s Hottest Frozen Border Boils Over", Foreignpolicy.com, 20 Jun 2016

"Making a Murderer in Uganda", Foreignpolicy.com, 20 Jan 2016

"Rwanda is sliding into a new tragedy. And this time we’re funding it", Spectator.co.uk, 09 Jan 2016

"Fool’s Errand", Foreignpolicy.com, 13 Oct 2015

"Sex Scenes, Made-Up Countries, and Letting Go of Facts", Foreignpolicy.com, 1 Sep 2015

"When Migrants Flee Progress, Not War", Foreignpolicy.com, 22 Apr 2015

"Franchise Opportunity: Western Union in Somaliland", Foreignpolicy.com, 25 Aug 2014

"Why are Africa's Militaries so disappointingly bad?", Foreignpolicy.com, 6 Jun 2014

"Leave None to tell the Other Story", Foreignpolicy.com, 1 Apr 2014

"What Africans Talk About On Twitter", Foreignpolicy.com, 18 March 2014

"In defence of western journalists in Africa", Africanarguments.org, 21 Feb 2014

"Definitely Going To Blow: Eritrea Africas Hermit Kingdom", Foreignpolicy.com, 20 Feb 2014

"Africa's election aid fiasco", The Spectator, April 2013

"Relative Strangers", High Life South Africa, Sept 2012

"How double-dealing built a pariah state", Financial Times, 03 Aug 2011

"African Redux", Open Skies United Arab Emirates magazine, May 2011

"Significance addicts", London Review of Books, 11 Feb 2010

"Congo reveals our own dark secret", Observer, 2 November 2008

"The burden of knowing too much history", New Statesman, 31 July 2008

"Lessons from a beleaguered continent", New Statesman, 29 May 2008

"Some events demand a monument", New Statesman, 22 November 2007

"The hierarchy of horrors", New Statesman, 27 September 2007

"Wolfowitz's other mistake", New Statesman, 7 May 2007

"Birthday thoughts on the road to Thika", New Statesman, 9 April 2007

"A Bumptious Guide to Book Writing", New Statesman, 12 March 2007

"Kapuscinski, more magical than real", New Statesman, 12 February 2007

"War by proxy, but not the one we think", New Statesman, 15 January 2007

"Who can make polio history?", New Statesman, 30 November, 2006

"Parenthood by piggyback", New Statesman, 23 October 2006

"Mo Amin: a brilliant but flawed man", New Statesman, 26 June 2006

"Congo on the edge", New Statesman, 6 May 2006

"A visit to Rwanda's genocide memorial", Financial Times, 29 April, 2006

"Michela Wrong finds three years isn't enough", New Statesman, 6 March 2006

"Michela Wrong is refused a visa", New Statesman, 9 January 2006

"Michela Wrong introduces the Incontinent", New Statesman, 13 September 2004

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